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10 Ways to get Top Dollar when Selling your Home



Beating the Competition Selling Your Clarksville TN Home FAQ 1. 

What does curb appeal have to do with it? 

When you are getting ready to put your home on the market for sale in Clarksville TN first you have to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Buyers have so many homes to choose from, so why should they choose yours?


With some simple steps you can Beat The Competition and be the home on the street that sells as soon as it hits the market. When you are Beating the Competition Selling Your Home in Clarksville TN the FAQ 1 is "What does curb appeal have to do with it?" In a one word answer it is- EVERYTHING!




If the outside of the home is undesirable then you are very unlikely to ever get a qualified buyer in the door to see how great if might be inside. Be prepared to spend a little money but the returns could be as much as three fold. You will beat the competition by yielding a higher sales price, quicker sale and less haggling with the buyer. So how do you accomplish this?

Start with an nonobjective view of your home. Go stand across the street from your home on the curb and give it a hard look. Take a pair of binoculars with you because you will need them to check out things closer. Now ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the other houses in the neighborhood in overall better shape than mine?
  • Is my mailbox leaning, rusted or in disrepair?
  • Are the neighbors' home on either side detracting from my homes appearance? (You may need to help out the neighbors with a little yard work through the selling process to help get your home sold.)
  • Is there any clutter in the yard that needs to go?
  • Are there any dead trees and bushes that need removing or landscape that needs trimming?
  • Are there weeds and brown patches in my lawn?
  • Are any of my windows or the door blocked from view?
  • Using the binoculars, check out the condition of the roof, gutters, trim, exterior walls and window shutters.
  • Are any of these items in need of paint, repair or replacement?
  • Now conduct the same examination from the rear of the home and on each side of the home.

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then you have work to do. Call the roofer, siding/gutter man, painter, pressure washer, Lawn Doctor, landscaper, handyman or tree surgeon to get those needed items corrected. If you don't, then you may very well  lose your buyer outside the home on the drive by. They may never even want to drive by because the marketing photos online will look substandard. Think about the fact that the longer you stay on the market, chances are your price will be going down.

So the effort you put into preparing the outside will be money in your pocket. Get these items fixed or repaired before you even start thinking about the putting your home on the market in Clarksville TN. A closer look of the doors, windows and mulch beds will be addressed in FAQ 2.

So when Beating the Competition Selling Your Clarksville TN Home FAQ 1 is "What does curb appeal have to do with it?" EVERYTHING!